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We live in a world where by security is the first thing we need both at home and at our work place. Whether or not we like to admit it or not, there are plenty of things which could effortlessly jeopardize the integrity and safety of the lives and our work environment. This is the reason why 1000s of companies and homeowners throughout the world choose to spend a pretty penny on automation solutions for properties, mesin absensi fingerprint and digital door locks.

Aside of being safe and secure, mesin absensi sidik jari will also be convenient and allow you to path easily the attendance of the staff. It is actually a perfect remedy for every business owner or condominium owner.

Of course that considering that mesin absensi sidik jari is a leading edge solution to your security issues, not many businesses are employing and developing this modern technology. Lumbatech is amongst the few that does! This is a security system firm located in Bekasi and Jakarta. Lumbatech dedicated to improving the grade of service by distributing top quality products, the very best after sales, set up team a trustworthy and professional service. Every one of the products they feature to the consumers, including their jual mesin absensi fingerprint, meet the ISO 9001 = Quality Criteria / Top quality, ISO 14001 = Ecological Standards. The initial product is in dolphin technology (Lumbatech).

Set up in 2015, under the title of PT. Lumba Karya Asia (Lumbatech, the company is known as one of the greatest distributors and suppliers of jual mesin absensi murah. It has been legally registered like a provider of items with brand names and have been tested within the security system for the needs of the protection system of housing, places of work, factories, flats, mobile intelligent key systems such as mesin absensi sidik jari, fingerprint and access control techniques. All their technology, including mesin absensi fingerprint can be used in the house and outside the house standalone to get in touch with IP / LAN system, electronic digital door locking mechanism, vehicle alarm system, motorcycle alarm system, car alert, the secret crucial vehicle , anti--theft locks, anti-lock robber.

Special to complete buyer demand, the 1st in Indonesia, Lumbatech supplies wireless get in touch with system (Option caller with out cable) to enhance service and efficiency of your business like: bell dining establishments, nurse call system for hospitals and clinics, counselors call, urgent call, Queue system ( queuing system without having wires), manager / supervisor call, with Korean technologies. Automatic move, Eco saver is also offered and air-port proximity cards printing, EM 125kHz -.8 (Slim), 1.8 (Thickness), Mifare, HID PROX ISO II, HID PROXCARD II.

Reap the many fruits of innovative edge technology and invest in mesin absensi sidik jari solutions. You will not be frustrated. With Lumbatech you will get honest, friendly and professional services and cheap prices.

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